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* If you are registered in another Catholic church, and wish to have your child baptized at St' Patrick's Parish, you must provide a letter of permission from your parish of registration. You will want to contact your parish church and ask that this letter be sent to St. Patrick's Parish as soon as possible. 
*If you are not registered in any church, and wish to have your child baptised at St. Patrick's Parish, please contact the parish nearest to your place of residence. You may look this up at the RCAV archdiocese website: (it's under parish boundaries) to schedule an appointment to meet with and request a letter of permission from the pastor of that parish.
Have you had other children baptized at St. Patrick's?

Please list name(s) of child(ren) baptised at St. Pat's.
Information about legally adopted child

If this child was legally adopted, please provide the following information below: 
1. Name
2. Date of adoption
3. Place of adoption
4. Names of adopting parents

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Marital Status of Parents

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Church of Marriage

If you were married in the Catholic Church, please enter name of Church.
Godparent Information

Godparents mus be baptized, confirmed, having made their first communion and they should be practicing the Catholic faith. If they are married, they should be married in the Catholic Church. Godparents must submit Godparent Form, signed by the pastor of their Parish.  Godparent forms are available for download from this website, can be requested by email at or can be picked up from the Parish Office.
First and Last Name of Godparent 1

Parish of Godparent 1

First and Last Name of Godparent 2

Parish of Godparent 2

Proxy Information

If there is a proxy for a godparent, then the same conditions for the godparent listed above also apply to the proxy.
First and Last Name of Proxy

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Full Home Address & Postal Code of Proxy

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Parish Name and Location of Proxy

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Have you attended a Baptism Preparation Class?

Parents are required to attend a Baptism Preparation class prior to scheduling their child's baptism. While the course is mandatory for parents, it is optional for the Godparents, whose participation is strongly encouraged. A Baptismal Preparation course is held once a month, every third Wednesday of the month at St. Patrick's Parish, in the St. Vincent de Paul Cafe. It is a one-time evening class that runs from 7:00 pm until 08:30 pm. If you would like to register for the class, please contact the Parish Office by phone (604-874-788) or by email at Walk-ins are also welcome! If you have attended a baptism preparation class for the baptism before, you may not have to re-take it. Please ask the Parish Secretary for details.
When and at which Parish did you complete a Baptism Preparation Class?

*please provide information for both parents
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Confidentiality & Terms Clause *

Saint Patrick's Parish collects and protects the personal information in this form pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act and Canon Law. This information will not be disclosed without your prior consent. 

Thank you for completing the Baptism Information Form! 
Please submit supporting documentation (godparent forms etc.)
directly to the parish office.

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